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We are a highly experienced and dedicated team of local tourism experts committed to ensuring the most memorable Indian safaris to experience the diversity of India - from the national parks, wildlife sanctuaries in the India.

We also offer great rates and services at the most extensive, royal and hand-picked collection of luxury hotels, Lodges, camp packages and destinations.

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The wildlife in India comprises a mix of species of different types of organisms. Apart from a handful of the major farm animals such as cows, buffaloes, goats, poultry, and camels, India has an amazingly wide variety of animals native to the country. It is home to Bengal tigers, Indian Asiatic lions,leopard, Indian rhinoceros, deer, pythons, wolves, foxes, bears, crocodiles, wild dogs, monkeys, snakes, antelope species, varieties of bison and the Asian elephant. The region's rich and diverse wildlife is preserved in 120+ national parks, 18 Bio-reserves and 500+ wildlife sanctuaries across the country.

The popularity of these charismatic animals have helped greatly in conservation efforts in India. The tiger has been particularly important, and Project Tiger, started in 1972, was a major effort to conserve the tiger and its habitats. Project Elephant, though less known, started in 1992 and works for elephant protection. Most of India's rhinos today survive in the Kaziranga National Park. Some other well-known large Indian mammals are: ungulates such as the water buffalo, nilgai, gaur and several species of deer and antelope. Some members of the dog family such as the Indian wolf, Bengal fox, golden jackal and the dhole or wild dogs are also widely distributed. It is also home to the striped hyaena. Many smaller animals such as macaques, langurs and mongoose species are especially well known due to their ability to live close to or inside urban areas.

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As the experts in the field and with our network of Indian subcontinent connections, we have arranged itineraries for some of the world's most demanding individuals, groups, institutions, and documentary film-makers.

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We have been in the industry for nearly 5 years : 75 per cent of our business is repeat or referral. So rest assured that our reputation for quality stems from great expertise, accrued over years of dealing with the most demanding client base.

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You could spend months perusing websites or brochures for the right opportunities and arrangements, yet never be assured of consistent quality. We handpick guides, hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions to ensure the ...

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Our quality support

Our friendly, approachable and knowledgeable trip coordinator provides you with unmatched pre-trip support - whether you are ...

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Our local trip coordinators have been with our country agents for an average of ten years, and are seasoned travellers with the ...

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Enjoy perfectly arranged itineraries with meals, transfers and local guides all under one roof in your travels.

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Our in-depth knowledge and dynamic approach allows us to create one-of-a-kind travel adventures from scratch, based on your personal expectations, interests, adventure level and budget.

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From securing landing permissions for foreign private jets to airport greetings to ensuring the finest guides; from arranging grand parties in private palaces to special viewings of the art and jewellery collection of the maharajas ...

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We are in continual contact with our local offices as well as with the driver and guide accompanying you while you are travelling. If something goes wrong with your health, general well-being or ...

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